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Rational Equations, Inequalities,
Applications, and Models

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Solving Rational Equations and Inequalities at least one variable in the denominator may be undefined for certain values where the denominator is 0 identify those values that make the equation (or inequality) undefined when solving rational equations, you generally multiply both sides by a common denominator when solving rational inequalities, you generally get 0 on one side, then rewrite the rational expression as a single fraction. Solving a Rational Equation Rewrite the inequality, if necessary, so that 0 is on one side and there is a single rational expression on the other side. Determine the values that will cause either the numerator or the denominator of the rational expression to equal 0. These values determine the intervals on the number line to consider. Use the test value from each interval to determine which intervals form the solution set. Be sure to check endpoints.



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