West African Culture
Albert Kwame Agyeman Prempeh is my name and I was born on the 9th day of August 1980 in a country in West Africa called Ghana. My birth place is Kumasi which is located in the Ashanti region. The Ashanti Region is one of the best and largest regions in Ghana. A small town in Kumasi by name Fankyenebra was where birth was given to me by my beautiful mother. Some years ago, a humble gentleman by name Albert Boakye Agyeman Prempeh and a beautiful lady called Bernice Osei Boafo met somewhere in Kumasi-Ghana (West Africa), fell in love, got married and gave birth to me as their first child with whom they've been blessed to received from God Almighty. Not only was I the only child of theirs, they also had four children besides me which I would classify as genuine siblings. Ginnel Dufie Agyeman Prempeh, Edward Boakye Agyeman Prempeh, Barbara Serwaa Agyeman Prempeh and last but not least Immanuel Osei Agyeman
Prempeh. My father is a Secretary General at Ghana Cooperative Council, as well as an auditor. My mother is a business woman (trader). During the early stage of my life I traveled to almost all the regions in Ghana, due to the nature of my father's job. He finally settled in the Capital City of Ghana (Accra-Kokomlemle) where I spent over 15 years of my life. In December 2000, I graduated from Suhum Secondary Technical School (High School), in the Eastern Region of Ghana. In 2001, I was recruited by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authorities to become an airport security and passenger screener. This is where I underwent through military training for 6 weeks with the Ghana Army Recruit Training Center at Shai-Hills. In 2005, I arrived in America through Houston International Airport. My whole life has been devoted to helping people, encouraging people, motivating people and sharing the knowledge about God and life with people. I am church member of Living Word Ministry, West Haven Ct.


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