Preliminary 4.1 magnitude earthquake reported near Edgefield

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I live in Augusta and I just felt the whole house shake about 10:00. I went outside and looked around and heard nothing but when I came back inside I heard the a rumbling noise. I called my mother who also lives in augusta and she heard and felt the same thing. I found out that there was a 4.4 earthquake in edgefield SC. Lately, we have have 70 degree weather, an ice storm and now an earthquake. The snow storm started Wed 2/12/2014 and some have been without power since then. Our power went out for almost 24 hours. We were not prepared. However I did cook lunch and dinner yesterday on a gas grill at my moms hous enough to feed three families. I will get a Suvival Kit and be better prepared for the next one. This is some crazy weather. Lately I have notice the chemtrails in the air. Is there a correlation? What in the world are they spraying?

Pictures from the ice storm
Augusta Ice Storm 2014

Augusta Ice Storm

Survival KitSurvival Kit


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