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James Bernard Benson was born and raised in South Augusta of downtown Augusta. He is the oldest of two brothers and two sisters. Music has always been apart of his life since he was a small child. His father Jefferey Benson Sr performed with various bands and James attended a lot of his practicies in the 70's. By the early 80's James was doing shows for his parents and family members. By 1986 James had done his first rap song over Augusta's radio station WTHB with brother Jefferey Jr. Already playing instruments his talents were evident. As a sophomore in high school in 1987 James hooked up with a DJ and Mc LLO to form the JDJ posse. At this time he was known as MC Tiger. JDJ posse broke up and MC LLO went to handle some business.James pursued a solo career. In 1992 he became Natas Nos. MC LLO returns and the duo became Triple Six. All those who came in contact with Natas Nos tried to take something. They were only allowed to get what he let them have. James been making tracks before he was a teenager. Musical influences include Kiss, Earth Wind and Fire, Heat Wave, Prince, Rick James, Big Daddy Kane and Rakim. From rock to rap he was developing to become something great. James hooked up with SC native J DANK to do Torn Apart. The best kept secret Natas Nos has been here all the time. Ready to bring something new to the game. Natas Nos is what the universe has been waiting on. The song inside makes the experience, one of a kind. Lyrical longevity prevails, Now it is time to expose it to all..

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