Kwanzaa Symbols

Like other holidays Kwanzaa has its symbols, These symbols are instructive and inspirational objects that represent an reinforce desirable principles, concepts and practices. There are seven basic symbols and two optional symbols that are both traditional and modern items and therefore reflect traditional, as well as modern concepts which evolved out of the life and struggle of African-American people. The seven basic symbols of Kwanzaa are:

1. Mazao (Fruit and Vegetables)

2. Mkeka (Place Mat)

3. Kinara (The candle holder)

How to Celebrate Kwanzaa
How To Celebrate Kwanzaa!

4. Vibunzi (Ears of corn reflective of the number of children in the home)

5. Zawadi (Gifts)

6. Kikombe Cha Umoja (Communal Unity Cup)

7. Mishumaa Saba (The Seven Candles: one black, three red, and three green)